The Abbey Primary School receive GOOD Ofsted rating

The Abbey Primary School receive GOOD Ofsted rating. With the ‘Behaviour and attitudes’ and ‘Personal development’ categories receiving OUTSTANDING.

“Parents and carers overwhelmingly agree that this a happy, caring and inclusive school in which pupils can learn. Staff and pupils live and breathe the school’s community code. Pupils say that they feel safe. They know exactly who to turn to if they have any worries or concerns. Staff always ensure that every child is listened to and valued. The aim of the school is for pupils to ‘be all you can be, be yourself, be your best’. This starts with staff teaching clear rules and routines. This has led to a calm and purposeful environment. Pupils behave exceptionally well. They are fully engaged in their learning. Pupils agree that bullying does not happen at the school. They understand what bullying is and would report it to staff if it happened. Pupils praise the school for being inclusive. They say that everybody is treated the same. The school offers pupils a range of clubs to develop their talents. Pupils understand the meaning of important British values. They are well prepared for life in modern Britain.”

"We are so proud of all the children and staff at The Abbey Primary School. Every child is recognised as an individual and we work together as a school community to ensure every child has the opportunity to ‘be the best they can be’" - Caroline Farmer, Headteacher.

Massive congratulations to the team at The Abbey. The dedication to your pupils is clear, you do a fantastic job. Thank you from all of us!