InMAT Information

‘ A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary  things’

Barack Obama

We believe in providing exceptional educational experiences and 11 before 11 is how we provide this. Each InMAT child will benefit from eleven experiences that will help them to have the best possible experiences before they move on to secondary school. These range from visiting a foreign country and climbing a mountain through to learning to play a musical instrument and cooking a family meal with food that they have grown themselves.

InMAT is committed to leading by example and lives by its unswerving commitment to integrity, transparency and excellence.

Setting this example to children will enable them to flourish and get the most from the school experience, as this is key to their success we will always be accountable, we will never make excuses, and will openly answer for all our actions. The Trust proactively engages with our parents and the local communities and is continually seeking ways to improve and enhance our education and support service capabilities.